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My business and my life as an adult took off very quickly. I started my business in 2015 and by the time I was 24 I had built the life I thought that I had always wanted. I was getting ready to get married, making more money than I ever thought I would and getting a lot of validation externally for my achievements. It wasn’t until 2018 when I started to sort of question everything. I found myself back to feeling unfulfilled, tired and wondering “is anything ever going to be good enough?” I felt incredibly disconnected from myself and while I had a lot of external freedom in my life, the internal hadn’t seemed to follow yet. I felt stuck, insecure and like I was simply missing something. I was truly just burnt out. 

This started what I like to call my “cocoon” phase where I gave myself several years to really rediscover who I was. I had lost a lot of connection to being a wedding photographer as well because I could never quite articulate why I was even a photographer in the first place. I knew I liked to create beautiful images but even still, that didn’t feel like enough.
Then it dawned on me, nearly every decision I was making for myself was completely based on a series of beliefs about what my life should look like. But I never really asked myself “how do I want my life to feel?”

I started to ask myself this question, things began to shift. I began to feel lighter, less attached to the little things I couldn’t control and just looked for avenues in my life that actually lit me up. I began to chase those little blips of excitement rather than chasing outcomes and success. I began to let go of whatever vision I thought I should be chasing for my life and started to pay attention to what happens effortlessly and honestly.

As you might guess, this also radically changed the way I thought about wedding photography. Rather than coming into a wedding day with my opinions, thoughts and feelings about how things should go or look, I began to become more curious when approaching a wedding day and really allowing myself to lean more into what was actually happening in front of me and document the raw honesty of a wedding day. The reality of which was often more beautiful than anything I could have ever imagined.

I really believe it’s my job to simply come into a wedding day, feel the energy of the couple and their guests and simply just document the magic of it all. I want you to look back and really see yourselves in your images as well as the people you care about. I want you to experience your wedding day fully without the expectations that are often placed on couples and simply allow the me to just document YOU.


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Just being you is enough. I believe authenticity and radical honesty is the single most greatest path in helping us create lives that are more aligned with who we are. The ease and flow that comes with this is something that I find shows up in my every day life as well as my work as a documentary wedding a Nashville photographer.


In the most recent seasons of life, I’ve found myself drawn to creating more community and to building deeper and more intentional connection with those around me. Relationships and connection has been one of the things I believe has most sustained me the path of wedding photography.


In a world full of people telling us who we should and shouldn’t be, one of my biggest “whys” is creating space for people to just feel like themselves. Being in front of a camera can be intimidating and my ultimate goal is for people look back at their images and see an unfiltered version of themselves shining through.


I believe experiences help shape how we view life and how fit in the world. I believe the quality of these experiences are just as important which has caused me to value not only creating experiences for myself, but for others as well. 


I believe everyone is creative and it’s just a matter of being able to own all the ways in which they are. I thrive in a life that is surrounded with creativity. Between cooking, dancing, making music and photography, I’ve found myself most alive when I’m living life through the lens of connecting with flow and creativity. 

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